I’ve designed a number of community (free/public) and on-demand (paid/promotional) Snapchat geofilters recently. The feature is a valuable opportunity for community engagement and extending brand reach.

My latest community geofilter in Amarillo. It’s been used more than 120,000 times, and seen almost 5 million times in the first 90 days it’s been activated.


Snapchat TTUHSC Amarillo
A geofilter available over the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center regional campus in Amarillo.


I donated my time to create this on-demand filter for Panhandle Breast Health’s “Breakfast of Champions” event celebrating breast cancer survivors.


A test on-demand filter I ran during one of Amarillo’s “First Friday Art Walk” events at Sunset Center.


A community geofilter I designed for the small arts & popular nightlife area known as the “Depot District” in Lubbock.


Snapchat Yellow City Geofilter for Amarillo
The first community geofilter I designed was available anywhere within Amarillo city limits. It’s since been retired. In the 90 days it was active, it was seen 4 million times.


Snapchat AAF Advention Geofilter
I designed my first on-demand geofilter for an American Advertising Federation convention I helped organize. It was used 399 times, and seen by 23,000 people.